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Empowering adolescent
girls and young women
for a brighter future. 


Creating tomorrow's leaders.

The Women and Girls Initiative (WGI) is a global movement committed to social justice which aims, at advancing gender equity and youth development agenda, by targeting the most marginalized and disadvantaged girls and young women.

We serve those whose development and growth have been impacted by cycles of poverty, natural disaster and armed conflict through a holistic approach, offering educational, leadership development, health and economic self sufficiency opportunities.





WGI Stories
Haiti Leadership Retreat

This summer, 62 girls from Port-au-Prince andthe South of Haiti, a rural region typically unreached by community outreach efforts, participated in a unique workshop intended to fuse leadership training with psychosocial healing in relations to natural disasters, specifically surrounding the 2010 earthquake and the more recent 2016 Hurricane Matthew. 

Being given this opportunity to participate in this year’s retreat is the best thing that could ever happen to me in my lifetime. At 16 year old, it’s the first time I have ever left my village
— Girl from Leon Jérémie (Haiti)
The retreat help me realized that other girls my age are affected by the same issues that are affecting me in my rural community. It helps me think about what can be done to make a positive change in my life and in the lives of other,
— Girl from Bigarade, Jérémie (Haiti)
The retreat for girls is a wonderful idea, huge thanks to the leaders of this organization. Besides attending schools, there is nothing available to support young people in our communities
especially activities during the summer break to keep them out of trouble.
— Mother of one of the participants