In Haiti, 80% of the education system is privately run. Our girls, as far too many others throughout the country, would have dropped out of school this year due to their inability to pay their school fees and transportation. We aim to continue filling the gender gap in secondary education so adolescent girls can aim for higher education and see their dream comes true.
For the 2016 - 2017 academic year, 126 girls and young women from both countries received full scholarship support for primary, secondary, vocational and university studies. 100% of them have successfully completed the year. 85% of them have excelled academically, In Haiti, 15 of them completed high school and are continuing their studies in Medicine, Law, Nursing, Marketing, Civil Engineering and Education. In Rwanda, 9 girls have completed high school. All beneficiaries attended our monthly or quarterly workshops on topics such as Health and Life-Skills, which enhanced their knowledge and self-confidence substantially.
For the upcoming 2018 academic year, we are budgeting for 90,000 USD to continue our support for our exiting 126 girls, offer an opportunity to 40 additional girls from our waiting list in Rwanda and support the renovation of 2 rural schools in Jérémie, a town located in the southern part of Haiti, which were badly affected by Hurricane Mathew in 2016.





50 USD per workshop session (transportation, food, facilitator)
50 USD per month for transportation and food per girl
100 USD for annual school supplies
150 USD for annual school materials  (hygiene kits, Mattress etc..)
500 USD annual cost of secondary education school fees in public institutions in Rwanda
600 USD annual cost of secondary education school fees in private institutions in Rwanda
800 - 1000 USD annual cost of secondary education school fees in Haiti
1000 USD annual cost of 1st year of university fees in private and public institutions in Rwanda
1500 USD annual cost of nursing school in Haiti
2000 USD annual cost of medical school In Haiti
4000 USD to repair 2 schools that have lost their roofs in the wake of Hurricane Matthew
10,000 USD start-up fund for 80 girls (125 USD per girl)
40,000 USD
total cost of summer leadership retreat (53 USD per girl)